10 Things To Know About Psychedelic Δ8 CBD


It helps you Tune-In & Go Deeper

Δ8 ("Delta 8") is a recently discovered rare minor cannabinoid that can help with spaciousness, connection, self-awareness, and yes, multiple orgasms. It’s a tool for self-discovery and therapeutic relaxation.


It Just Became Available

Until now, Δ8 was enjoyed by professional hemp extractors and their close circle of friends, but was too expensive to offer to consumers (similar minor cannabinoids sell for up to $40,000/lb). We recently found a way to isolate and magnify its potency with nano-tech, enabling us to offer one of the first Δ8 tinctures on the market.


This is CBD You Can Actually Feel

While many people don't feel the effects of regular CBD, the vast majority do feel the effects of Δ8 CBD. If for some reason it doesn't work for you though, feel free to send it back for a full refund.


How to Prepare for Your Trip

"Set and setting" are important to optimize your experience. Try to set an intention, and create a space conducive to the experience you desire, whether its solo, with a partner, or with other friends. Δ8 goes particularly well with music, meditation, movement, nature, or being with good friends. It can be an inner or outer journey, or both.


It Helps You Connect Intimately

Δ8 can help you slow down, get in the flow, and connect as a couple intimately, especially if your set and setting are aligned towards this goal. You might want to take a half or full dropper about one hour before your expected game-time.


It Enhances the Senses (Including Sexual)

A key feature of Δ8 is its enhancement of all sensory stimulation. With practice, awareness, intention, and attention paid to set and setting, sexual experiences can be enhanced in duration, potency, and frequency. Δ8 can be utilized as a solo-player, or with a partner.


It can be Used for Self-Evolution

Used in conjunction with other self-improvement modalities like creative expression, meditation, relaxation, movement, etc., Δ8 can be an effective tool for self-development and awareness in all dimensions of life.


It's Best to Get it Lab Direct

Most CBD sold online is made industrially and sold by marketers who may never even touch the product they're selling. It's kind of sad really, as this is a magical and amazing plant deserving care and respect. We have a real lab in Seattle, get raw materials from actual family farms, and lovingly transform them into therapeutic tinctures we regularly give to family and friends and take ourselves.


It's Legal in All States

All of our products are 100% derived from USA hemp, and under 0.2% Delta 9 THC, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. They're also compliant in Canada, Australia, and Europe.


It Comes in Different Flavors

Our Δ8 tinctures come in 3 variations: Passion, Focus, and Uplifting. Our regular CBD tinctures come in 2 variations (Calming, and Relief). Each one contains synergistic herbs to bring out different qualities. Try a few and see what works best for you.

Our CBD is...


Rare cannabinoid that can help promote spaciousness and clarity


Infused with herbs rich in terpenes for added synergistic benefits


Tiny molecules absorb faster and quicker


All products tested for purity and potency, lab results here


Holistic entourage effect, get the full benefits of this amazing plant 


Every purchase is protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee 

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